adv5.0 deep concave

adv5.0 deep concave

The industry’s original deep concave forging, developed by ADV.1 in 2009.

Provides a deep concave profile up to 5” for some applications, depending on the vehicles offset limitations.

Deep lip application using ADV.1’s “leg extension” option which gives the aggressive deep concave profile while at the same time allowing for a deep lip size. The deep concave / minimal lip option provides a lighter weight, minimal style wheel with an aggressive, deep concave profile up to 5.0” for some applications.

Profiles: Flat / Mid / Deep Concave / All variations
Diameters: 19.0 - 22.0 inch + 24” Deep Concave only
Widths: 7.5 - 14.5+ inch / in 0.5” increments
Construction: 3 piece forged
SL Update: Applicable (see SL Series / Track Spec upgrade details)
Inner/Outer: Deep Spec: Step lip (standard reverse / rolled) / Deep Concave: Flat lip
Avg weight: 26.0-33.0 lbs. (see online weight database)
Applications: All vehicles / pcd’s / offset combinations + centerlock applications
Assembly bolts: Optional hidden or visible hardware / standard or titanium upgrade
Backpad: Optional weight reduction pocketing (see options)
Intended use: High performance street use (Deep Spec) / Normal street use (Deep Concave)